Fortune Tiger game review, ushering in the year of the Great Heng Tiger and Chinese New Year in 2022 with a fortunate tiger game from PG SLOT camp.

You will encounter a golden tiger with an eternal soul from China who will bring you good fortune. Experience opulence magnified by ten! When spinning all symbols, you win rewards from the Fortune Tiger game on every spin and receive an additional free spin. If symbols occur on the reels, the game continues. Today’s most fortunate slot machine game is the Fortune Tiger slot machine.

How impressive is PG’s new Fortune Tiger slot machine?

upon entering a new epoch Welcome the Year of the Tiger and bid farewell to the Year of the Ox In addition, this tiger was quite overweight. To make your wagers as fortunate as possible, PG SLOT GAME has designed a VIP game theme with vivid colors reminiscent of the Chinese ambiance and symbols that represent the notion of luck. Whether it’s a red envelope, a gold bag, a gold jade, or whatever else, the game has a well-arranged in-game music that complements the image, and the gameplay is straightforward. Paylines are simple to comprehend. How to win money by spinning Guarantee that you will enjoy to the point of ignorance.

Various symbols in the game Fortune Tiger, the golden tiger gives luck.

A game that is simple to play. However, familiarity with the numerous symbols is essential for calculating the probability of winning. This is another another traditional step that must not be ignored. In order for you to maximize your earnings from our fat tiger. Following is a list of game symbols that you should be familiar with.

The Wild icon is a fat tiger, a fertility symbol. It can substitute for all symbols in the game with the exception of the scatter symbol, and it appears randomly on the reels. If this symbol appears on a single reel, your prize will be multiplied by up to 250 times.

emblem of the golden fortune bag Upon spinning this symbol All symbols appear on the slot machine reels. Receive a gift that is increased by ten! And also have the chance to win a grand prize of 2,500 times the wager.

The emblem of the Golden Cup of Joy It is the symbol with the greatest payoff out of the six symbols that appear during slot spins. If this symbol occurs, your award will be multiplied by a factor of 100.

Golden jade emblem of tranquility. It is the second highest paying symbol, behind the Golden Cup. In which you will gain an additional return from a 25-times multiplier, which is not at all common while playing slot machines.

red packet symbol Receive an eightfold return on the prize money. If this symbol appears on the reels, a bonus is triggered.

a firework as a symbol Return five times the amount of the reward money If you can spin this symbol in a slot machine.

fortunate fruit sign Immediately receive a gift increased by three if you can spin the orange to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Payline Winnings

The payline feature of Fortune Tiger is easy and straightforward, which is an additional element that draws players. This slot machine featuring a chubby tiger features five separate paylines and three rows and three reels. It is only paid when the wager line with the greatest odds is won. Every prize is given out in cash. and symbols must be aligned from left to right according to the format shown below.

The symbols are horizontally aligned in the center of the row.

The symbols are positioned in the top horizontal row.

The symbols are positioned in the bottom horizontal row.

The symbols are arranged diagonally. from upper left to lower right.

The symbols are arranged diagonally. from lowest left to highest right

With this basic payline feature, players’ chances of making a profit with each spin are increased. Continue to earn reward money When you are prepared, you can withdraw instantly by notifying our administrator. Or, if you do a transaction using an automated system, the funds will be deposited to your account within 30 seconds.

Consequently: Attempt Fortune Tiger immediately. The bonus is simple to lose.

Review of the new slot game from the PG SLOT camp, Fortune Tiger. With a gaming concept that emphasizes gold and crimson, it complements the Chinese New Year spirit. Try playing PG slot machines uninterrupted. Assurances of regular bonuses The gameplay is simple. As you can see from our assessment, the game’s symbols are not overly sophisticated, so you should feel comfortable playing it. Apply immediately on the PGSLOT website or LINE@ for 24-hour service.

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